Using Feng Shui to Find a Better Job

Using Feng Shui to Find a Better Job

Feng Shui is used by many to find love, or to find peace in their homes. It can also be used to gain wealth or even find a new job.

Perhaps you have heard of Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) and think of it as an arranging of items in your home for inner peace. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that combines knowledge from astronomy and geography, or heaven and earth. It is used to achieve positive energy. Following Feng Shui basics can create a harmonious environment, and/or help you obtain something new in your life such as a better job or employment.

Feng Shui Basics.

The basis of Feng Shui is the creation of Chi. Chi is the flow of energy, and you want to create and keep positive chi throughout your home. The easiest way to create positive chi is keeping your home clean and free of clutter. Clutter slows down chi in theory. Your home should only have as much stuff as the home can hold comfortably. So when you are walking about your home, every time you have to stop to go around something or step over an object, you are slowing down your chi. Dust, dirt and cobwebs also add to negative chi.

Feng Shui works with the Yin and the Yang, the opposites of life. Peacefulness, quiet and calm are considered yin, and loud, dramatic, high energy things are yang. The Yin and Yang are also represented by colours. The peaceful yin is represented by cool colours and the colour black. The exuberant yang is warm colours and the colour white. Money is represented by the colour black, and career is often represented by the colour brown. Purple is a colour of royalty and prosperity, just as is green. So place these colours in the areas you want to enhance.

The Bagua and Determining Where the Guas are in Your Home.

The Bagua is like an overlaid blue print of your floor plan. There are nine sections or “guas” that each represents an area of life. The bagua forms a hexagram, with each area of equal size, except for “Health” which can be bigger. The other guas are “Skills & Knowledge”, “Career”, “Helpful People”, “Family”, “Children & Creativity”, “Prosperity”, “Fame & Reputation”, “and Love & Relationships”.

The “Career” section should be the front middle of the house which is typically: the front door. The area to the right (you facing your house) is helpful people, and the left is “Skills and Knowledge”. The heart of your home, which is the next stop forward of your career section is the “Health” gua. “Family” is to the left of this and to the right is “Creativity and Children”. The back section of your house, contains “Fame and Reputation” in the middle (in line with Career and health)”Relationships” is to the right and “Prosperity and Abundance” on the left.

To obtain a Job with Feng Shui you want to target three to four areas, “Career”, “Helpful People”, “Skills & Knowledge” and “Prosperity” by keeping them clean, using living plants, and the right colours to bring positive energy.

Finding a Job with Feng Shui Tips

  • Further divide each room by the bagua to enhance help in those areas, such as working the “career” center in each room or “helpful people”.
  • Keep these areas clean, clear of debris, dead plants, burnt out light bulbs and broken items.
  • Add life and positive chi by placing a plant in a water filled vase.
  • Use colours black, blue, purple, grey, silver and white.
  • Paint your front door red, this is considered lucky.

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