How to Get a Pay Raise: Feng Shui Tips

How to Get a Pay Raise: Feng Shui Tips

Goal Set Your Pay Raise

Feng Shui is a great tool to aid in your quest for a pay raise. Before you knock on your boss’s door, have the tools to get the pay raise you want and deserve.

Write on a piece of red, gold, or silver paper, the amount of your desired pay raise. Fold the paper and place in a red, gold, or silver envelope.

Place the envelope in the southeast corner of your home and desk. The southeast corners have the energies of wealth and abundance. Use the energies of nature to aid you in your pursuit of a pay raise.

Dress for Success

Before you ask the boss for the raise, be dressed for success. Your clothes are an important element in this. Males need to wear a red tie to show power. Females should wear a splash of red. A red scarf, red brooch or red accessory but it needs to be a focal point. No bright red shirts or blazers as this will be overpowering.

Make an appointment with your boss in the morning. It is best to have an AM appointment because the chaos of the day should not have started. Make the date with your boss early in the week before the expense reports and bills come in.

Your appointment is made, you are dressed for success and your pay raise goal has been put on paper. Now it is time to ask the boss for the raise. Try and get the power seat in the office to be successful in getting your pay raise.

Power Position

The power position in Feng Shui is also known as the dragon seat. Whoever sits in the power position has the upper hand in meetings of all magnitude. The power position is the furthest spot from the door and you face the door on a slight angle. The dragon seat is best supported by a solid wall. Your position should give you an excellent view of your surroundings and all eyes will be on you for the meeting.

Donald Trump always sits in a power position, with his back to a solid wall and he is at the center. For his popular show, The Apprentice, he sits where he can see all of the men and women enter the boardroom. As well, he has a higher support on his chair than his colleagues.


Last step, is to ask the boss for the raise. Be confident in obtaining your pay raise because you deserve it and there is enough in the world for us all to be abundant and prosperous.

Things to Avoid

Never have your back to the door.

Never sit directly in front of your boss as this is a confrontational position. Instead angle your chair.

Never sit in a chair with no back. If you must, imagine a huge wall directly behind you to support you during the meeting.

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