Feng Shui for Success: Simple Design Changes Can Bring Fresh Business Growth

Feng Shui for Success: Simple Design Changes Can Bring Fresh Business Growth

Using feng shui in your home office can bring greater success and opportunity. First, it’s important to de-clutter, choose the right paint color, and use a bagua to arrange your furniture in a way that ensures the proper flow of energy.

Now the fame begins.

What are you hoping to achieve in your office? Big business deals? Quiet but brilliant design concepts? Perhaps you’re still figuring that out. That’s okay; feng shui can help! Locate the knowledge corner in your office and put up a bookshelf. Fill it with books, journal articles and binders full of newspaper clippings that inspire you. That way, you’ll be sure to know where to look when you need guidance.

Has your dream always been to write a best-selling novel? Be sure to play up the fame sector with objects that will help to motivate your future successes. If you’ve ever won an award, the fame sector is a great place to put it. (Don’t you hate those stars who say that their Oscars are in the bathroom? And they wonder why they never made another good movie!). Regardless of whether you’re seeking celebrity or recognition, the fame corner can help you to focus on meeting your most desired level of success.

Show me the money!

Unless your goal is to be a starving artist, focusing on the wealth sector is a highly important aspect of office feng shui. The wealth corner can be found to the left of the fame sector, and is represented by the colors blue, purple or red. Hanging a painting of red flowers is recommended. You can also place a goldfish bowl containing three fish in the wealth corner of your desk.

Using plants as cures

Plants can be used as “cures” to offset the overload of electrical energy that so many of us seem to have in our offices. Placing a plant next to your computer monitor can help to work against the constant hum of electricity.

Lighten up

Feng shui provides direction for balance, and lighting is something that’s given great importance when attaining balance in design. Place lamps in three strategic places – either in three opposite corners or in two corners to offset overhead light. Whenever possible, avoid using florescent overhead lights.

Visualize success

Spend a little time each morning setting your goals for the day. You can even write them on a piece of poster-sized Post-It paper – try posting them in your knowledge corner. Sit quietly, allowing yourself to experience the feeling of reaching each of the day’s goals, one by one. Soon, you’ll find that visualizing success is habit-forming. Align your thoughts with your goals, and success will be sure to follow!

You’re on your way to creating an atmosphere that feels quintessentially you. The objects you include in your office may change over time as your goals change. Keeping your space fresh will help you to stay focused on your purpose in life with joy and ease.

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