Business Feng Shui for an Office: Feng Shui Tips for Locating Desks of Managers and Employees

Business Feng Shui for an Office: Feng Shui Tips for Locating Desks of Managers and Employees

All the managers and business owners want their employees to work as a strong and united team, act together for the good of the business, and support the owner. Many managers love the word “team”, speak beautiful words about unity, cooperation, and common goals, but on practice everyone often moves towards one’s own goals. As a result, business suffers.

However, Feng Shui can help. The first thing to do is to locate the desks of managers and employess correctly.

Feng Shui Tips for Locating Desks of Employees

In many cases a very simple solution can help – locate all the work desk of the employees in such a way that the people face the same direction. This will help to reduce the number of arguments and misunderstandings between the staff members.

It is strongly recommended not to place desks of the people straight opposite to each other. Such an arrangement of workplaces is very likely to lead to confrontations and intrigues.

The most interesting is that even though the employees of one company work in different rooms, on different floors or in different buildings, they still should be facing the same direction. Otherwise these people will not work as an effective, united and productive team.

Business Feng Shui for an Office

If, for example, one employee is facing north, which is ruled by water element of Feng Shui, and the other faces south (fire element), they are not likely to have any common interests. Water and fire cannot be friends; water extinguishes fire.

If an employee faces north, and a manager – south, the employee has pretty great chances to take the managers place in some time. In addition, the promotion of such an employee is very likely to be accompanied by scandals and quarrels.

The opposite is true as well. If a manager controls an employee (faces south while an employee faces north), he or she will be successful in that position.

Office Feng Shui Tips

  • The entrance of any company office should have a prosperous look.
  • Make sure all the office rooms are well lit, preferably with day light.
  • If there is a safe in the office, locate it in the West or Northwest. This will add to the prosperity and financial security of the business.
  • Do not hang many mirrors in the office. They can reflect and enhance negative energy.
  • Keep all the files (both paper and electronic) in order – they represent the past, present, and future of the business. So, they should be well-organized and treated with respect.

In general, since management is the moving force of any company, make sure the managers’ working places have good Feng Shui, while the employees sit in such a way that their sitting direction supports the management. Locate the office desks of the managers in such a way that they are supported by employees. An ideal option offered by office Feng Shui is for everybody to face the same direction to ensure the success of the business.

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