Recycle Old Books into Valentine’s Day Gifts: 2 Ways to Repurpose a Favorite Book for Your Valentine

Recycle Old Books into Valentine’s Day Gifts: 2 Ways to Repurpose a Favorite Book for Your Valentine

If your recipient is a book lover why not create a gift that will please them and also provide them with some pleasant memories. Why not search for a book by a favorite author or a book about a place close to the recipient’s heart. For example, choose a book about Paris for a Francophile or London for an Anglophile. And don’t forget Italian cities. To find these books, search the internet or go scout out local second-hand bookstores or charity shops for an old edition (but not valuable) of a suitable hard-cover book and then recycle it into an interesting picture frame or into a fun desk clock.

This is a fun weekend project that may take a little patience. But then, your sweetie will appreciate it all the more.

Materials for Both Books

  • Old hardback books
  • One piece of thick cardboard
  • One piece of thinner cardboard cut slightly smaller than book cover
  • Double-sided tape
  • Favorite photograph
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Straight-edge ruler
  • X-acto utility knife (be sure the blade is sharp)
  • Fine to medium sandpaper
  • Gluestick

Book Frame Instructions

Remember: Don’t use an original photograph; instead, scan or photocopy it onto photographic paper.

Use a book with an interesting cover and a favourite photo for this project. These book frames make nice gifts for family and friends, even work colleagures, and would make great holiday or birthday presents as well as a wonderful Valentine’s Day surprise.

  1. Decide on the size and placement of the frame compartment.
  2. Center your photograph on the book cover and then use a straightedge to measure and mark a rectangle that’s slightly smaller than the picture being framed so the edges are hidden.
  3. Lay a piece of thick cardboard behind the book’s cover to protect the pages inside and use your X-acto utility knife and straight-edge ruler to cut out the marked hole.
  4. If the edges of the hole are rough, gently sand smooth.
  5. Tape the picture to the inside cover.
  6. Attach double-stick tape to the back of a piece of thin cardboard to back the photograph.
  7. Add a pretty ribbon and you’re done.

Book Clock Instructions

You can make two variations of this clock – one using the book’s front cover as the clock face; the other using an interior page as the face. If using an interior page for the face, glue cardboard to the back of that page to make it sturdy.

  1. Pick a desired center point for the clock’s face on book cover (or selected interior page) and drill a 3/8 of an inch hole.
  2. Use a pencil to mark the position of the drilled hole on the first page of the book (or selected interior page).
  3. Center the clock shaft on this mark and trace around clock casing on the page.
  4. Cutting slightly outside your traced outline, cut out about the five pages at a time using a straight edge ruler and X-acto utility knife.
  5. Continue cutting through pages until you have cut through one inch deep. You don’t have to glue the underside pages together for the clock.
  6. Insert clock shaft through the hole.
  7. Attach the minute and second hands to the shaft as per clock kit directions and insert AA battery.

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