Organic Gardening Magazine Revamps More Cities: Concerned Corporations Join Together to Strengthen Community Gardens

Organic Gardening Magazine Revamps More Cities: Concerned Corporations Join Together to Strengthen Community Gardens

The initiative, which works in cooperation with the American Community Gardening Association, is titled The WaterWorks Project. This will be the third year WaterWorks has helped to improve the appearance, vitality and sustainability of community gardens throughout the country. “Water is our most precious resource, and gardeners in particular are all too aware of the need to conserve and sustainably manage water,” says Ethne Clarke, Editor-in-Chief of Organic Gardening magazine. The magazine began this noble project in 2007 to raise awareness about water conservation and to provide vital resources and education to community gardens nationwide.

Organic Gardens in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia

  • To date 23 gardens throughout the country have been given a face-lift. The 2009 recipients are as follows:
  • In Atlanta, the Edgewood Community Learning Center is a new garden project spearheaded by several community organizations and charter schools in an area of the city that is underserved and has very limited access to fresh produce.
  • In Chicago, Growing Power’s Jackson Park Urban Farm is a half-acre community garden and model urban farm headed by MacArthur Fellow and former NBA star Will Allen.
  • In Philadelphia, Henry Got Crops! is a part of the nation’s largest agricultural high school-the Saul High School of Agriculture, a Title 1 inner city public magnet school that sits on 150 acres in Farimount Park.

Not only do these gardens supply fresh, locally grown food to area residents but they also offer strong educational and vocational training to members of the community.

Generous Grants from Various Caring Companies

The AVEENO® Brand will work closely with Organic Gardening to provide beautification grants of £30,000 to the three recipient gardens. These grants will be used for garden revitalization and enhancements such as construction of walkways and garden structures, installation of raised beds, plants, tools and garden equipment. Other Sponsors and partners areNature’s Path, Alpha BioSystems, ECHO and Seeds of Change.

“Our vision has always been to be a trusted name for organic foods in every home; socially responsible, environmentally sustainable and economically viable. Partnering with Organic Gardening’s WaterWorks project seemed a natural fit,” explained Nature’s Path Founder and CEO Arran Stephens. “Nature’s Path sees the WaterWorks program as a fundamental way to support the increased availability of fresh, organic foods in North America, and to connect people with the activity of growing those foods that are so vital to the health of people and the world. We are proud to be a partner in the WaterWorks program.”

For 65 years Rodale’s Organic Gardening magazine has been teaching its readers how to garden working in harmony with nature and to tread lightly on the environment in all aspects of their lives. Gardeners can follow the latest ‘dirt’ at the three recipient community gardens. “Through their many wonderful projects, community gardens across the USA inspire us all to make the best use of what we have today to guarantee a healthy and livable tomorrow,”says Ethne Clarke. “Organic Gardening and Rodale Inc. are proud to have the AVEENO® Brand and Nature’s Path partnering with us to encourage and reward our WaterWorks honorees.”

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