How to Spend Earth Hour: What to Do with Your Lights Off for an Hour

How to Spend Earth Hour: What to Do with Your Lights Off for an Hour

With Earth Hour quickly approaching, many people are wondering what exactly they should be doing once the lights are off. Whether spending this hour alone or with your children or significant other, here are some ideas on what to do while the lights are off.

Family Ideas for Earth Hour

Enjoy some time outdoors. Take a walk, relax on the porch or play with your kids. Families can take the chance to have a late picnic or grill out. Or, read under the covers with your kids. Remember doing this as a child? Well, tonight’s the perfect opportunity to regress and spend some time with your children. Your kids will think this is great fun and you can even build a “tent” in their bedrooms if you want. Finally, you can play hide-and-seek. Inside or in the backyard, play a game of hide-and-seek in the dark with the kids. Again, they’ll love the quality time together.

Make Earth Hour a Neighborhood Affair

Get together with friends or at a neighborhood block party. This is a great way to get more people involved. For spur-of-the-moment planning, just knock on a few doors and suggest a get-together for the evening. Everyone can bring some food or drinks. Light a few candles and spend some time getting to know your neighbors.

Earth Hour with Your Significant Other

If you have a chance to spend Earth Hour with your significant other, use it to your advantage. A candlelight dinner and romantic evening might be the perfect way to celebrate.

Spend Earth Hour By Yourself

If you have some time alone this evening, make a list of ways to continue observing environmental awareness all year long. Whether you start recycling, pledge to keep the heat and air conditioning at more reasonable levels or decide to volunteer your time to an environmental organization, Earth Hour can be the first step toward more thoughtful living. Also, don’t forget to visit the official Earth Hour website, Sign up to join the movement officially, learn how to help on a daily basis and find information on planning events for Earth Hour. If you want more ideas on climate change activism, visit this website to get started.

All you actually have to do to observe Earth Hour is turn off your lights for an hour. Simplicity and the ability for anyone to join in is the whole idea of this observation. But the hope of organizers is that this can be a stepping stone toward environmentally conscious living for people throughout the world. So choose an activity and enjoy this year’s Earth Hour. Once it’s over, think on similar ways to show your support on a daily basis and you’ll be getting the most out of Earth Hour.

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